504 Marley Street
504 marley street
Type Old mansion
Location Goat City
Notable Inhabitants Hisana, Cami, Baratow

504 Marley Street is a two story household where Hisana, Cami and Baratow live.


Hisana came across an elderly couple who lived on the outskirts of Goat City. They were about to die and they gave her their house and their riches in their wills. Five weeks after Hisana started to live there, the nice couple died, and Hisana received everything because they had no kids. Hisana didn't know that the house was haunted and she was left with ghosts. She dealt with it and adopted Cami as her sister. Hisana then enrolled in Orange Star High School while Cami has a party with her friends.


The house has black bricks and later added pink stripes with a dead tree in the back. When Hisana is home, her pink Cadillac is parked outside by the lower left window. It is a two story and has five bedrooms.

The backyard is the perfect place for Hisana. There is a guest pool and a pool for anyone Hisana let's in; including herself. A projector and TV's are there along with a training place and a bar. Also, chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla ice cream stands are there.

Inside, there are two living rooms, a massive kitchen and a huge laundry room. Hisana's room is decorated with Hornets and Celtics memorabilia, posters of shirtless Rajon Rondo, and a green and black bed. Cami's room is decorated with pictures of her crush and a blue and red bed. However, Baratow's room is perfectly clean. Cleaning products reek in the room, brooms and mops are everywhere. There are TV's in every room, a CPU for everyone and a basketball court in the house.