Abigail & Nicole

-Abby & Nic-
Race 1/2 Water Elementals and 1/2 Saiyans
Gender Female
Date of birth October 17, 2011
Height 2'30"
Weight 45lb
Residence Water Princess's House
Current Location Goat City Hospital
Occupation Children
Allegiance Good
Likes Mom, Dad, pizza, and playing.
Dislikes Gangnam, being hit or disliked, and John.
Family Water Princess (Mother)

Jack C. (Father)

Jenny (sister)

James (brother)

Chloe (sister)

Florence (friend)

Marik (friend)

Controlled By User: Princess AJ Marina and User: Jack Death

Nicole and Abigail are the children of both Water Princess and Jack C.



Abigail has blue eyes, always has her blanket with her, and has brown hair. Her mother gave Abigail a necklace that has a moon on it, which is supposed to protect her from Water Princess's enemy.
Abbcf pendant 41S85deppUL


When she is around John or Gangnam she throws stuff and cries. She got her hate for Gangnam and John from her mother and father, she continues to show her mothers traits. When she is sad she holds her blanket and hugs it, when she is happy she smiles or laughs... or both! She can be a little child made from love sometimes, and other times she can be a real handful.


  • Flight
  • Ki Blast - She is still working on controlling it
  • Walls of Abby - Coming soon



Nicole has brown eyes and has brown hair. She carries her stuffed bear with her everywhere she goes. She was given a necklace by her mother to protect her from Water Princess's enemy.


Like her sister, around John and Gangnam, Nicole screams, cries, and throws stuff. She likes to be around James and Shakira most of the time. When she is mad she frowns and crawls up to James' room.


  • Flight
  • Ki Blast - Like her sister Nicole is trying to control it.
  • LeBell Lock - (Signature) She wraps her legs around opponents arm then holds opponents head and pushes. 
LeBell Lock Omoplata Crossface00:09

LeBell Lock Omoplata Crossface

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