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Race Saiyan
Gender Male
Date of birth 735
Date of death Age 762 and age 774
Height 5'6
Weight 156
Residence Nowhere
Current Location In a forest training.
Occupation Doesnt have one
Allegiance Z-Fighters. Doesnt consider himself one though.
Likes Fighting. Food. Training.
Dislikes Weaklings. Fruits Vegetables
Family Mother and father killed when frieza destroyed planet vegeta.
Controlled By Nicka209

Look. I know we're definitely not friends but..When someone tries to destroy the planet before ME...well i got no choice eh?

—Arkicho to goku when king piccolo attacks


As a child he was sent to earth as a back up in case Goku, would have failed. Except one thing. They were launched a good deal away from eachother. He was 2 years old when he first arrived making him slightly older then Goku, A month or two before Goku, Met Bulma. He found Goku, At his house and battled him. The result wasnt to good. Arkicho was heavily damaged during the fight while goku only got moderately damaged, Arkicho barely landed a hit on goku and couldnt dodge well. Arkicho swore he'd be back as he ran off. He continued to try to defeat Goku, Up until King Piccolo. Attacked he then teamed up with Goku to defeat him, At which point Arkicho became "Partners" with Goku. He still didnt like him but he wouldnt kill him. Hes also doesnt attack the Z-Fighters and such except in sparring matches.


His personality is similar to the other full blood saiyans that arent goku. Hot tempered. Threatening. And for a while: Evil. Hes definitely gotten the threatening and evil part gone now. Still is easily angered though, He isnt exactly a nice person most of the time but he can be sometimes.


Ki Blast.

Ki Sense




He has a red scouter despite being able to sense energy normally. He has armor similar to bardocks except it is red and dark blue. His hair is dark red For the most part he never takes off his armor except to do..Certain things i will not give details of. Also like alot of the "old school" saiyans he has his tail and keeps it wrapped around his waist area.