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Race Human
Gender Female
Date of birth May 8th
Height 5'0
Weight 81 pounds
Current Location N/A
Likes Pop, dancing, singing, cute stuffed-animals, iced-coffee,desserts,spicy foods,sweet foods,Mars
Dislikes Being called a child, getting teased about her appearance, vegetables,remembering her childhood
Family Mars (boyfriend)
Controlled By Miricle1778


Azalea is nice, funny & fun. She's also self-concious about her height because she's short for her age. She's also childish at some points. Azalea isnt one of the smartest, but she can be the nicest. Azalea is a fangirl of liking a lot of people quickly. She is currently dating Mars. She's one of those girls that wont stop 'till she gets them. Azalea doesn't really care what she has to do to get them, as long as she'll be able to be with them.


Azalea is a very adorable girl. She has long dark brown hair with two bangs like in the front hanging down. Azalea has tan skin, and green eyes. She wears a mini purple jacket-like with sleeves are to her elbows. She also wears a purple shirt tucked in her her skirt with a blue belt. She also wears some black leggins and black fingerless gloves and she wears some purple knee length converse shoes. Azalea is also very short for her age, she stands at 5'0 and she's 15 years old. Whenever she talks to her crush, she blushes and she can be shy.


Azalea was born on May 8th but she's unsure where she was born at. Azalea was born in a rich family. Azalea was the only child in family or at least she knows about. Her mother didnt really pay much attention to her or even listen or play with her ever when she was younger but her father took more care of her but her was busy. By the time Azalea was 7 years old, Azalea was bullied and picked on in her neighborhood which caused her to cry 24/7. She doesnt have much friends because everyone was jealous of her. When she was 11, her dad passed away, from then on, she was stuck living with her mean mom. Her mother didnt care about anything but to get drunk. Her mother always yelled at her and always leave all day and all night. When Azalea turned 14, her mother abused her. Her mother hit her with her heels and boots, scracthed her, burn her with an iron and give her bruises and hardly feed her and slap her. One year later, Azalea couldnt take it anymore, she had to do one more thing and that was to run away from her childhood. When she ran away, she met Goku & then she was introduced to a new family and new friends.