Bob's Home
Type Home, series of tents, cactus garden
Ruler Bob
Location Near the Battlefield
Notable Inhabitants Bob, Jake Daisy

This page will serve as an example when making a page about the home of your roleplay character.

This section will serve as a guide to Template:Location. In "Name", put the name of the page. In "Image", place the file in the infobox like so [[File:YourImage.png|200px]].

In "Caption", put a caption that goes with the photo you're using. In "Type", explain what the location is used for, other than a home. Does your character garden or train there? And in "Location", put where it is in relation to other places in Goat City. For instance, Bob's Home is near the Battlefield. In "Ruler", put who owns the place.


This is where you start describing the location itself!


Create a heading three section within the "Overview" section and list all the things that the house has. Don't scrimp on the details!

  • Windows- The windows, there are eight of them, and they have shades of very light, and are very tough to break through.
  • Door: The door is made of steel, and would be hard to break down.
  • Posters-- There are many posters on the walls, most of them of old rock bands.
  • Computers-- There are computers left in the house, left for someone who is an expert of computers. They are located in the secret room.



  • Master Bedroom
  • Bathroom (Inside Master Bedroom)
  • Bathroom (For others)
  • Kitchen
  • Guest Room
  • Living Room
  • Attic
  • Basement
  • Garden

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