King Boxer
Gender Male
Residence His Time Machine
Occupation Warrior
Allegiance Differs
Family Trunks (Father)

Vegeta (Grandpa)

Bulma (Grandma)

Doctor Gero (Indirect Creator)

Panta (Sister)

Taio (Adopted Son)

Controlled By User:TeamUnitedNerds AM THE KING! BOW DOWN!...I mean...thanks. A lot


Boxer is kind to his friends, but rude and foul mouthed to his enemies (and his friends, sometimes). He can be a serious pervert as well. When he loses, he often refuses to accept it and blames others. He will do anything to help people, even if that involves hurting himself or others. However, hs eagerness often gets him into trouble or causes more damage.


In the future, Trunks had saved the world from the androids. However, when the new threat of Majin Buu surfaced, Trunks was too old to fight them. So he created Boxer, an android clone of himself. Boxer was trained all of his life to fight off enemies. Eventually, a time machine error sent him to the normal timeline, where he chose to live a life of leisure. One night of drinking later, he ended up in Goat City.


  • Begone
  • Masenko
  • Energy Bullet