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Race Human
Gender Female
Date of birth January 8, 2202
Height 4'6
Weight 70 lbs
Current Location Kingdom of Dubonna
Occupation Queen
Likes Red, birds, and sweat-shirts
Dislikes Candles, Rain and the dark
Family None
Controlled By User:Oldworldblues42


Candice is a girl that wears large sweat-shirts that cover her hands. This is due to being very self-conscious of her appearance. Thinking she is too fat. She has black, long, shiny hair that always has a red hair-band in it. Her eyes are dark green and sometimes appear to be dark blue. She always wears red shoes and blue jeans with her sweat shirts. It's hard to talk to Candice because she is very shy and usually hides her face when new people come to her kingdom. She appears to be 8 but in fact is 10.


Candice is a very quiet, shy ruler. She can be nice but is strict when needed and her people usually obey with no problem. Rarely are there criminals due to her kindness. She usually is sorta lonely because she can be anti-social. Candice is very OCD (Obessive Compulsive Disorder) meaning she likes things to be very neat and tidy and she tends to repeat and count things obsessively.


She has a few friends, Taio and Maxine are only two of them. As far as she knows, she is an orphan. Not only does she not know where she was born but she doesnt know who her parents are. She also has no connection with her family as far as she knows but she was put as the queen of The Kingdom of Dubonna because the last member of the family that was leading for years, died and she was chosen to be the new leader.


Leading the Kingdom of Dubonna, a Kingdom she happened upon while she was exploring around the world. She has never actually known where she was born or where she started exploring. But she has traveled to several different places, a few good and some bad. Candice collects ancient coins and rocks. She also likes to make art and draw pictures of nature. She enjoys playing the flute, which she is okay at.

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