‎This race's official transformation(s), "Name un-decided", is/are still in development, and the information may change as disscussion comes to a close. Please feel free to help by suggesting ideas for the transformation on the article's talk page.

Candy People
Peppermint Butler
Homeworld Candy Kingdom
Diet Candy
Ruler Princess Bubblegum
Universe of Origin Adventure Time
The Candy People are the primary citizens of the Candy Kingdom, ruled by Princess Bubblegum.


Most Candy People are either candies or sweets, although a few are fruits. Many of them have similar attributes, including major gullibility, a love of parties and a tendency to explode when they are frightened. Candy People can regrow lost parts of their body if it is eaten. Candy people are known to be very charismatic, and tend to be 'the face' of a party or business.


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