Capsule Corporation
WST 3338926 K.
Type Originally the company that made DynoCaps

Temporarily used as a training ground for Vegeta during the "Over 9000!" event

Ruler Vegeta
Location Goat City, right in Town Square (You can see it from The Jasmine Dragon)
Notable Inhabitants Vegeta

The Capsule Corporation (カプセルコーポレーション) was a company founded and run by Dr. Brief, Bulma's father. The corporation was based around, and took its name from, the Hoi-Poi Capsules (also known as DynoCaps) invented by Dr. Brief himself. It was used as Vegeta's home during the "Over 9000!" event, which celebrated the Wiki reaching over 9000 edits.


The Capsule Corporation headquarters, which is also the Brief Family's home, is located in Goat City, with its address being WST 3338926 K.

The building has three floors and a basement. The entrance is the lobby where the Receptionist is and that leads to the Atrium (nakaniwia) where dinosaurs, cats, dogs, and other animals live. The Atrium contains a Sparring Arena, and leads to the Capsule Room. There are also the exhibit room, the Central Computer Room, the Security with a small jail, Dr. Brief's lab and workshop on level 01. The Brief Family's rooms, notably Vegeta's room, are on level 02. On level 03, there are the West Tower and East Tower.


Due to the invention and production of the extremely popular and useful capsules, the Capsule Corporation is one of the largest, richest and most influential companies in the world. At one point, the Capsule Corporation and the Red Ribbon Army were competitive rivals in the business race, but the creation of the DynoCaps from Capsule Corporation resulted in the Red Ribbon Army losing to it.

Although Capsule Corp's primary product is the DynoCaps technology, the company also develops and produces many of the items found within capsules. This can be seen by vehicles and other items bearing the Capsule Corporation logo. Using the resources of Capsule Corporation, Bulma and Dr. Brief have created many useful items essential to the Z Fighters, including several interstellar spacecrafts, a Time Machine, and Gravity Machines.

The Capsule Corporation logo is very simple, with just being two letters "C" and the company name. The logo is worn by the Capsule Corporation workers.