When you create your user character, you have a choice between two classes - Citizen or Warrior.

Who are Citizens?

Citizens are regular old people. They're Wiki family members. They work in our restuarants. Their children go to our schools. They're quite important, despite being considerably weaker than the Warrior class.

Switching Classess

If at any time a Warrior decides to retire from fighting or a Citizen decides to train hard and gain Ki abilities, it's totally possible.

For a Warrior switching to Citizen Class, just remove the Techniques and/or Transformations section(s) from your page and take the "Warrior Class" category off, replacing it with "Citizen Class".

For Citizen switching to Warrior, first mention that you want to switch on your character's talk page. An Admin will then help you by adding the proper techniques to your page and suggesting a martial arts teacher who can help you start out.

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