This page is for Un-used characters. If you're feeling lazy and don't want to make an original user character, you can start with one of these.

  • This slideshow is filled with Un-used pictures. Please, feel free to use one of these.
  • If you happen to see a photo in here that is already being used, report the mistake.
  • Orlen, an Un-used member of Appule's Race
  • Un-used Anthromorphic Animal-type human
  • Un-used Arrancar
  • Un-usedGo to Chocoians
  • Un-used Candy Man
  • Un-used Vampire
  • Go to Wiki Orphanage
  • Go to Note
  • Jam Jam, an Un-used Candy PersonGo to Candy People
  • Go to Un-used Lumper
  • Vampire BatGo to Vampires
  • Candy Woman
  • Female MajinGo to Majin
  • Un-used Lumpy PersonGo to Lumpy People
  • Celina, a Hyoomen. Hyoomen are half human, half water elemental.Go to Celina, a Hyoomen. Hyoomen are half human, half water elemental.
  • Saiyan Woman
  • Mutated Human Wizardress
  • Mutated Human Wizard


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