Cave of Two Lovers
Cave of Two Lovers
Type Underground mountain pass
Location Visible from the Battlefield

The Cave of Two Lovers, also known as the Secret Tunnel, is a series of caverns which pass underneath a section of a random mountain range. It has become a place of legend revered by bards. The cave's name in Chinese is 情人洞,, which translates literally into "The Lovers' Cave". This name is carved over both entrances; however, the name, as well as the writing found in the tomb, is written in archaic Seal Script style characters that have since changed form.


Legends say that the tunnels were created by Oma and Shu, who fell in love despite being from enemy villages. They created the passage between their villages to meet secretly.


Cave of Two Lovers

The Cave

The "tunnel" is actually a giant underground labyrinth full of dangerous animals, including wolfbats and the gigantic badgermoles. To find one's way out of the tunnels, they must "trust in love" and relinquish one's dependence on torches and any sort of natural lighting; if one does so, then shining crystals will guide the way.

In the center of the labyrinth is the Tomb of the Two Lovers, which is believed to contain the remains of the two, encased side-by-side in two massive stone sarcophagi. The walls of the tomb are decorated with carvings telling the story of the two lovers.

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