Check-In Station
The Check-In Station
Name Check-In Station
Type Gateway to Otherworld
Ruler King Yemma
Location Otherworld
Notable Inhabitants King Yemma


In this mansion, King Yemma is staffed by other ogres. Under certain circumstances, King Yemma has allowed certain deceased individuals to retain their bodies, usually those who have done heroic deeds (e.g. Olibu, Goku, Pikkon), or who have high power levels. The Check-In Station is also adjacent to Snake Way, Hell, and a punishment room that King Yemma claimed to have sent Raditz to for resisting him.

The Check-In Station makes its first appearance when Goku dies and is sent to the afterlife, after his battle with his older brother Raditz. From here, Goku was able to travel Snake Way to be trained under King Kai in preparation for the Saiyan attack back on Earth.

Check-In Station has a purification device which cleanses souls of excess evil energy. An overflow of this energy will cause anyone unlucky enough to be nearby to absorb the energy and transform into a powerful monster.

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