-{Scelerisque Optimum}-

Homeworld Their home-world has been mostly abandoned
Average Height Around the same hight as a human. In some cases they may be taller or shorter
A notable hybrid Chocoian (1/3 hybrid); Hisana lives in Goat City. They are one of many races you can choose to be when creating your character in Goat City.

Appearance and Physique

The chocoians

The unnamed male Chocoian and Hisana's ears out. Note Hisana's Saiyan tail.

The Chocoian race has an appearance almost identical to the human race. Almost identical. They conceal three antennas behind their necks. Also, they conceal two cat ears hidden by their normally anime like hair. However, in odd times, their cat ears pop up and they may meow uncontrollably for weeks after. They are as diverse as humans in skin color and do not lose hair or grow any hair (except hybrids, but they do not bald). However, they have odd hair colors that are natural, such as orange, red, pink, green, even blue. Their eye colors are not diverse, and are only brown or black. However, a rainbow eyed Chocoian has been heard of. Their average adult height reaches from 4'7" to 7'3". The Chocoians are known for their addiction to chocolate, to the extent of dying without a month of chocolate. They are very agile and swift, rivaling the Saiyans in strength. However, their appetite is 3 times of a Saiyan but they pass out after thirty minutes with no food. Female Chocoians hold their babies in the stomach for a year and then give birth.


Chocoians evolved from the cat Panthera Tigris vespertilionem on their planet. At a point, they were also beings similar to humans, called Homo Sapiens Scelerisque and also were similar to saiyans. After forty five billion years of evolution, the Chocoians reach this point. Their scientific name is Scelerisque Optimum. Despite being pacifistic, the militaristic new generation has started many wars across the entire world, leaving the planet scarred. They have been forced to migrate to other planets and interbreed.


They have an extremely odd culture. In all Chocoians, there is an acceptance of death when it comes to you. Chocoians are rather pacifistic, but fight to protect themselves. Children and women are treated in high regard. The Chocoians eat chocolate, an omnivorous diet and an occasional metal shard or glass. Women have an odd knack for cooking and working. Everyone has fair rights but it's mostly like human culture.