Blood Demon


Universe of Origin Many

Starting Technique

When you create a Demon character, your starting techniques will be Flight, Ki Blast, Ki Sense and Evil Impulse.


Demon abs before
Demons are supernatural, often malevolent beings who enjoy using their power to torment, torture and/or kill those who are weaker than themselves. They are attributed with various (sometimes conflicting) abilities, temperaments and appearances depending on the story and country of origin. In the Dragon Ball series, demons usually are bulky, grey/green/blue, and have three toes on each foot. Most of them lived in the Demon World under the leadership of evil-hearted deities called Makaioshins.

Most of them look completely different from one another. They look different from the traditional demon on the inside, though. Some of them are friendly, and others are very serious and strict. None are truly evil.

The Ogres (Oni) that appear in most series are, in the Japanese mythology, something of a mix between a demon and a troll. They assist King Yemma and take care of the Other World.

Majins are a race of magic-created demons. The most famous Majin is Majin Buu who was created by Bibidi. They are not be confused with people under control of Babidi's magic who are also called "Majins" or with Neko Majins.

Miira and Towa, two creatures from the Demon's Realm, were the focus of a plot arc in Goat City, where they starred as the villains.


Chaos form
Chaos Form

When a demon is filled with Chaotic Evil, it turns into a hideous monster. It has a huge plum shaped head with horns, and tentacles coming out of the neck. The demon is not concious when they are filled with the evil, so it may turn some of the nicest people cold and mean if kept in this form for a long period of time, even after they transform back into themselves. The way of obtaining this form is through a neclace filled with, you guessed it, Chaotic Evil. The demons all have a similar looking body with the necklace on.

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