Ex Cathedra

A diagram of the house

Ex Cathedra is an abandoned Roman-style house that lays on a small island way out to sea. It was found by Zeon, who took a liking to it, thanks to his fetish for incredibly isolated homes. He fixed it up, outfitting it with modern features, but keeping the Roman features he liked.

Zeon mostly uses the house during the summer, and occasionally during the winter. Otherwise, it is taken care of by Dark Zeon. Due to the incredible costs of living in it, Zeon rarely uses it, except in the places above.


  • Supreme Overlord/Master Bedroom- A large plush bed sits in the center, surrounded by centures old but still in mint condition tapestries. A large window is on the left side, usually facing the sun/moon. A low table is near the bed for breakfast and other foods eaten in bed.
  • Dining Room- Four comfortable couches surround a low table, to be stacked with food. A TV and game station have been placed their as well.
  • Kitchen- Three stoves placed next to each other, as well as multiple cabinets filled with foodstuffs.
  • Lavitorium- Yep, you guessed it. The bathroom. It is a circular chamber, with marbel panaled floors. There is a toilet in the corner, as well as a large sink, but in the center, on a double-pedastal, is the bathtub/shower.
  • Secondary Bedroom- Two small beds, with a food table in between them. Mostly used by visitors/Dark Zeon/staff.
  • Auditorium- Never used, as the first time Zeon stepped on it, it nearly collapsed. The door is boarded off, though Zeon talks of working on it.

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