Fasha's house is where Fasha and her kids Marik and Florence live.

Fasha's House
Type House
Location 41 Evergreen road
Notable Inhabitants Fasha,Marik


The house was found a while ago by Fasha on her way to the park for a cheap price and she then moved in and found it was cheap because there is alot of street noise.


  • Living Room
  • Kitchen
  • Dining Room
  • Fasha's Bedroom
  • Marik's Bedroom
  • Florence's Bedroom
  • Guest Bedroom
  • Training Room
  • Gaming Room
  • Back garden


Riki is Fasha's pet Chao that normally floats around with her and likes sleeping, it normally sits on Stella's head and plays with her.
Chao-3 (1)



Ember is Florence's Firewolf cub that likes sleeping and helping Roxanne with her homework.
Fire wolf pup


Stella is the name of Mariks Rainicorn, that lives in the garden and plays with Marik and Florence.She speaks a bit english but sometimes gets her words mixed up and can speak fluently korean and french.
  • The house from sky view
  • The Living Room
  • The Kitchen
  • The Dining room
  • Marik's Room
  • Florence's Room
  • Fasha's Room
  • The training room where Fasha and Marik Train
  • The gaming room which only Fasha goes in.
  • The back garden
  • Roxannes Room

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