Fortuneteller Baba's Palace
Oh hoi, hoi, hoi, poi...
Type Fortunetelling business
Ruler Fortuneteller Baba
Location Goat City, near Highland Park
Notable Inhabitants Baba, Fangs the Vampire

Fortuneteller Baba's Palace (占いババ宮殿) is the palace wherein Fortuneteller Baba lives, as well as the location of her fortunetelling business. It is located in the margin of a big lake, in a wide desert south of Highland Park. Its address is FS 199644 CC.


Baba's palace consists of four buildings: the front entrance, the hall, the fighting arena, and the Devil's Toilet. At the main entrance there is always a line of people waiting for their divination.

Baba will give out divinations, but only if her fighter, Fangs the Vampire is defeated. Only three roleplayers may fight Fangs at once, and sign-ups must be made.


Simply sign here, then enter Baba's Palace on the talk page.

- Zion

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