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"Whats mine is yours, and yours is mine. The Words we speak are indeed true. This is my curse, and yours aswell. The thorns of fate are wrapped tightly coiled around our souls, forever binding us to the world of the damned and long forgotten. To plague the minds of others and savage about in at the crossroads of life and death is what this curse wants for you aswell. But it isn't too late... heed my words, Kagemusha Descendant, the darkness is as natural as the light, it does not have to be evil" -Gousuke to Tenchi

Gousuke Kagemusha is the father of Daimao Kagemusha and one of Tenchi's great ancestors. Like his son, The Spirit of Gousuke still dwells within the deepest recesses of Tenchi's Soul, but he has yet to manifest himself to haunt the young boys mind unlike his son. Gousuke was first detected in Tenchi's soul by a spiritual clairvoyant who was sent into a seeminlgy unending coma just from experience the left over presence of power within Tenchi's soul. Daimao's Failure to cast the clairboyant out speaks leagues in the difference of power between Daimao and Gousuke by this feat alone.


Gousuke has only ever appeared in flashbacks and in his spirit from dwelling inside Tenchi's soul. Like many of the Kagemusha ancestors in the series, what he looked like in his youth is completely unknown. Gousuke takes on the appearance of a man far beyond his years, though even so, he is extremely muscular, athletic, and well built. The Ravaged of age are only really present upon his face and head. He is by far the tallest Kagemusha in the series save for the Kagemusha Ancestor whom was of a height close to being diagnosed with Giantism. Gousuke has thick eyebrows and a balding head. His beard is spiked up at the sides very similarly to that of his son hairstyle, while the remaining hair on his head falls back in a long and untamed fashion.


Gousuke, unlike the other spirits that dwell within Tenchi's mind is of a noticeably more calm and composed demeanor. It is clear that his mind is not victimized by overzealous emotions of wrath unlike his grandson who cursed Tenchi. He is a sagely man with incredible wisdom, and is wise enough to make correct assumptions about the secrets of the Kagemusha's dynasty that he did not know of. He is very supportive of Tenchi as they meet, and is the cause of why Tenchi was capable of returning to the world of the living without having his body overwhelmed by the vengeful spirits of his ancestors. He alone gave Tenchi the confidence to stand up to his murderous clansmen that dwelled within his spirit.