I am questioning your sanity.


Being Revamped

Hisana Biermann is the 18 year old girl who lives on 504 Marley Street. Hisana has adopted a few children from the Wiki Orphanage. She is terrified of blood. However, she was born to a Saiyan/Chocoian and a Human. How she achieved her heritage is unknown entirely.

Hisana Biermann

-(Mistaken for) Rukia-
Race 1/3 Saiyan

1/3 Human

1/3 Chocoian

Gender Female
Date of birth May 8th, 1995
Height 5'5"
Weight 127 lbs
Residence 504 Marley Street
Allegiance Chocolate Forces of Chocolate
Likes Chocolate

Being with friends


Being the strongest



Dislikes Fruits and Veggies

Being mistaken for Rukia

Doing nothing

A day without chocolate or training

Family Baratow - Adopted Sister

Cami - Adopted Sister

Controlled By Cocoabean


Hisana may seem like a naive idiot at first. She is very active and bubbly. However, she can be sarcastic, rude and utterly mean to people, at the point of making people cry. She can curse like a sailor at certain times. However, she does (somehow) have manners, addressing people by -san or -sama, but addressing her husband as -kun. She uses southern terms and has a hatred for perverted males, but again being hypocritical, she has her inner perv. She has a "Cocoa corner" where she eats chocolate, Skypes, and ETC. Deep down inside, she is a confused and wise young girl. She channels her wisdom in certain moments. However, she has a psychological fear of blood due to her past. She doesn't like to talk about her past, and has critically injured anyone who has asked about her past. Hisana remembers flashbacks of her terrifying past, leaving her vulnerable. She is not afraid to kill people she views as threats. However, she may act completely outrageous and insane at times, to the point of murdering her old biological family in an insane episode. She hates when people fight for her and has a strong dislike for wind.



  • Flight
  • Ki Blast (Green)
  • Ki Sense
  • Kiiroi Hono
  • Masenko (Taught to her by Richie)