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Hiyoko is the kid Hoodie adopted in order to learn how to fight. She is tall for her age, wears a dress, and is very girly, to the irritation of Hoodie, and hates getting dirty. However, ever since Hoodie's disappearance, she has been suspecting Jökä-Face as the main reason, and as such, is now after him, determined to find the truth.

Hiyoko C. Data




Race Saiyan
Gender Female
Date of birth 17th August
Height 1,58cm
Weight 40 kilos
Residence Hoodies Lair
Occupation Training with Hoodie

Going into the town

Hanging with friends

Allegiance Good


Likes Ice Cream

Going to the mall


Dislikes Training

Getting dirty

Family None for the moment


When Hoodie first adopted her, she was girly, and hated dirt. However, she eventually learned to accept dirt, and dropped her girly attitude, replacing it with a more adventurous attitude, and became more strict. When Hoodie disappeared, she became an emotional wreck, until she met Jökä-Face, convinced that he had something to do with it. Ever since that, she has become crude and ruthless.