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Hunson Complex
The name was inspired by Marceline's Father.
Type Same use as the Nukapei Apartments, serves as a home for many Roleplay Characters
Location Goat City, opposite side of the street from Nukapei Apartments

Like Nukapei Apartments, the Hunson Complex is a self-contained housing unit building, AKA, an apartment complex, built to rival the Nukapei's success. Please note that pets are not allowed.

Room A


Currently owned by Nocker Features:

- Kitchen

- a living room with a mediun siseded tv

- Master Bedroom

-bathroom( inside the bedroom)

- The Lusus Bedroom ( wich is bigger them Nocker's bedroom)

Room B


Owned by Toya. Contains -bedroom -kitchen -living room -bathroom.

Residence of death god Toya.

Room C

LivingRoom IMG 8850 2 800x533

Under construction

Owned by Luckstorm.

Contains -Emptyroom -Paintedroom -undercunstructionroom -bathroom -greenroom

Since the caracter is still to move in, the room is not fully constructed, but reserved. This room belongs to an caracter that is still to be created (due to lack of images I can't create him yet). He is going to be anequestrian DJ, and where there are parties, you will find him. This complex is going to receive way more visitors!

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