Ian is a Saiyan born on planet Vegeta, who escaped it's fate. He lives in Goat City and tries to protect it with all his might.

New Ian


Vegito twin-

Race Saiyan
Gender Male
Date of birth 5/1
Date of death ???
Height 6'5"
Weight 116
Residence Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Allegiance Unknown
Likes Being treated like a King, Chocolate, Bacon, Cheese, Pie.
Dislikes Veggies, Smartasses
Family Unknown
Controlled By Vegito 7900


Ian's appearence looks a lot like Vegito. He has a Blue and Indigo Gi with Blue Highlights in his hair. He wears Potara earrings. He wears a Red Belt made of cloth around his waist. He also wears Boots.


Ian's power is unknown, though it can be said he is Extremely powerful.


When he was a baby, he had just been sent off from Planet Vegeta. When he was 5, he started training in the woods to become stronger. He started showing off immense power from his training. When he was 7, he surpassed everyone in his village. He started traveling alone for 20 Years. After a while he found Goat City. It was a nice place so he stayed there. He is currently walking around the city giving the poor food and killing thugs.




Modified Rifle
Assault rifle

Ian's modified Assault Rifle.



Ian's Kunai.


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