Imperial Dragon HQ

An outside view of the guild.

The Imperial Dragon guild is the closet wizard guild to Goat City. It's members are mostly wizards who have been kicked out of the guild known as Fairy Tail.


  • Apartments- Located to the right of the Pool Path, it is where those who do not yet have their own place can live temporarily.
  • Pool Path- A small artificial river leading up to the Main Hall.
  • Main Hall- The official meeting place, it also contains a request board, and a restauraunt, along with a guild store, selling tourist merchandise.
  • Infirmary/Gym- To the left of the Pool Path, it is where wizards can train and be healed.
  • Classrooms/Observatory- To those new to wizardy, they mosty go here, behind the Main Hall, where they can study the stars and learn basic magic. It's also a hot dating area for members of the guild.

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