Island Turtle
Island Turtle
Type Living Island
Location Ocean
Notable Inhabitants Tatsumaki



In Goat City, there is a gigantic and ancient turtle that all Mayors of Goat City have cared for since its founding. It serves as a training ground for the Kumo ninja, and is described as a moving fortress. Its size is so great that it can host other large animals as well as other natural and man-made structures.


The turtle's shell, the "island", has an accumulation of plant life that has grown on it. Despite being described by some as "a paradise," it is anything but that to humans, with signs of death and battle everywhere and large, ferocious animals populating the island. The island was protected by a Giant Squid, which attacked anything that approached, and a high-level barrier technique. In addition, the island can move, making it impossible to find without air reconnaissance.

It is mostly grey in colour, with spikes protruding from its shell and with a blue underbelly. Its shell is extremely sturdy, being able to withstand attacks of powerful techniques and can even house the tailed beasts, though it is implied that its underbelly is less so, but still strong enough to handle even an explosion without sustaining any damage.