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Jack The Flame Dude Age: 1,000 Height: 5 foot 8

Race Fire Elemental
Gender Male
Family Water Princess (girlfriend)
Controlled By Incendium's burning


Jack has fiery hair and yellow skin. He wears jeans and converse. He has a gray T-shirt that has fire on it which actually moves. He wears a black backpack.



Flambo is Jack's traveling companion/best friend. He is usually accompaning Jack and often helps him with his knowledge.

Flame Princess

Flame Princess is Jack's sister, however he is rarely with her due to his traveling and not having a home.


Finn and Jack are not friends but not enemies. Finn often misjudges Jack to be the bad guy due to his mischeviousness.

Water Princess

Ironically, Jack has a crush on Water Princess. He cannot ever go near her though because he is the opposite of her.



Jack has had his keyboard for as long as he can remember. It was the only thing he found with him when he awoke in the forest with amnesia. He uses it to open musical locks, or to just play a song.


Jack has a sword with a diamond handle and an iron blade. He can make it catch on fire making it even more lethal.


Glacius Frozo

This spell will freeze anything instantly in a block of ice.

Morphos Ackabra

This is a simple spell that changes your form. The user can transfrom his/herself or anyone else into anything they can imagine.

Flame Shield

A basic spell that shields someone from fire. Its basic use is so those whfire people can enter the Fire Kindom.