Race 1/2 Water elemental, 1/2 Saiyan (Hyooman), 1/3 Wizard
Gender Female
Date of birth July 23, 1995
Height 5'9
Weight 89 lb
Residence Goat City
Current Location With her mom
Allegiance Good
Likes Mom, math, science, fun
Dislikes John, reading, being hurt
Family Water Princess (mother)

Steve (father)

John (brother)

Chloe (sister)

Christopher (blood-brother)

James (brother)

Abigail & Nicole

Controlled By User: Princess AJ Marina

Jenny is a good girl who follows her mom around where ever she goes, except for school. Jenny is an honor roll student and follows the rules, unlike her brother John who does the opposite. He always pulls pranks on her and tries tricking her in any way possible.  


She has dark blue hair and and a crown on the top of her head. She has a blue skirt with a black line surrounding it, which makes her easy to blend in with the water.  


She is a bottle of fun and she doesn't let anyone bring her down, except for her brother John who always tries to do so. She is a smart girl who never thinks anything's too hard, even though she is a little naïve sometimes. She pretty much loves adventures and when John's in trouble, Jenny helps him out... sometimes.





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