Homeworld Kanassa
Diet Unknown
Average Height Similar to that of a Saiyan
Universe of Origin Dragon Ball
Kanassans (カナッサ星人, Kanassa-seijin) are a race of fish-like humanoid ailens, and one of dozens of races you can choose to be when creating a page.

Inhabitants of Planet Kanassa are said to possess psychic abilities, including being able to read minds and see into the future. Thus Frieza ordered their extermination out of paranoia that they could become a threat to him, or to simply use the planet's unique energy for himself. They were wiped out by Bardock's Team some time later.

Afterward, a remaining survivor named Toolo catches Bardock off-guard and gives him the "gift" to see the future. But this gift turns out to be more of a curse.

Personality and abilities

The Kanassan warriors are shown to be extremely brave. Despite knowing from their visions that they will be destroyed, they put up an honorable fight with Bardock and his team. They are shown to be very honorable, as well.

Kanassan appear to talk telepathically to one another, as when Demetrious is seen talking, his mouth does not move. They also appear to have been able to harness ki energy, another reason why they had put up such a hard struggle against the World Trade Organization's forces.

Kanassans don't understand the concept of keeping their voices down, and shout whenever they do actually speak. Usually "I CAN SEE THE FUTURRRREEE".