Homeworld Konats
Diet Omnivorous
Average Height Roughly six feet tall
Average Weight Similar to the average Human
Universe of Origin Dragon Ball Z
Konatsians were the race of extraterrestrials that live on the planet Konats. They are the race that Tapion and Minotia are shown to belong to.

Starting Technique

When you create a Konatsian character, your starting techniques will be Flight, Ki Blast, Ki Sense and the Brave Sword Attack.

Overview and Appearance

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Konatsians are shown to look similar to humans, but with large pointed ears and unique hair styles. Extraordinary members of the race, such as Tapion, are able to utilize ki and other energies. A select few are excellent swordsman and are able to use magic and advanced technology.


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In a Dragon Ball Z movie, it is explained that these people raged war against power hungry aliens known as the Kashvar, who re-awakened the ancient monster Hirudegarn. This war caused nearly half of the Konatsians to perish, until eventually an enchanted sword, and two ocarinas are found. With these, Tapion, his brother Minotia, and a powerful wizard defeated Hirudegarn, and the creature's two halves were sealed inside of the brothers. Tapion and Minotia then were in turn sealed into enchanted music boxes themselves, and sent into space, were they drifted for a thousand years, until being found by Hoi.

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