Race Human
Gender Female
Date of birth 1997
Current Location Un-known
Occupation Dreams of becoming a writer
Allegiance Un-decided
Controlled By No one at the moment

Kumiko is an un-used human character. She is a very good cook.

She is the best cook in her circle of friends, and is also the smartest. Kumiko is a calm thinker who's very smart. She acts politely, but is still nervous around others. Kumi sticks with things until she finishes them.


Kumiko's controller, please edit this section and delete this message.


Kumiko was born on March 19th. She is blood type AB and she is a Pisces. She appears to be of Asian desent. Her father was one of the scientists who worked on Goat Island, trying to make it more hospitable for humans, but he dissapeared, so Kumiko traveled to the region of Mifan so she could try to find him. But she gave up quickly.

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