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Im always ready for a fight!


-Kuzon San-
Race Saiyan
Gender Male
Family Zion (Best Friend

Mars (Rival and Friend)

Everyone else (Friends)

Controlled By Kuzey457

Kuzon is Kuzey457s 23 year old Main User Character. . He is the descendent of Broly.


His Best Friend is Zion (OneDragonball's User Warrior) and they train together sometimes. Mars , Ian and SS are Kuzons other Friends he trains with. Kuzon is very happy and confident. When Kuzon is a Super Saiyan, he is cocky though. He is a cool guy on the inside and loves cake.

He lives in his house in the fores. He makes a living there, training and having a good time.


  • Ki Blast
  • Flight
  • Ki sense


15 Years Ago, Kuzon was born from a descendent of Broly. His parents died not long after his birth and the Z-Fighters too him in the take care of him, where he trained for the rest of his life. He now lives in his house.

Bear Babbles

A Month Later, Kuzon met someone named Bear. Bear and Kuzon hated each other and started fighting. Kuzon also found out he was Zion's Long Lost Brother.

Kuzon and Bear started to Clash. Kuzon at first had the advantage, especially when he went False Super Saiyan not long after.

Gotek's Battle

Not long following Bear's Clash, Gotek showed up. Kuzon and Zion were together in this, and fought him together. They were easily beat. Kuzon soon decided that he would go train at the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Zion told Gotek to wait one day, Zion then went with Kuzon.

After their training, they were powerful enough to damage Gotek. Though they still got pummeled.