Lumpy People


Homeworld Lumpy Space
Ruler Lumpy Space King and Queen
Universe of Origin Adventure Time

Starting Technique

When you create a Lumpy Space Person character who is of the Warrior Class, your starting techniques will be Flight, Ki Blast, Ki Sense and The Dynamic Mess Em Up Punch.


The Lumpy Space People are one of many races available to you when creating your character on this Wiki. They resemble small floating clouds with arms but usually no legs or feet and are generally shades of cool colors like purple or blue and in some cases pink, violet, green and white. When the Lumpy Space People marry they become fused together.
Lumpy Space Rat
They all have sharp fangs that can turn "non-lumpers" into "lumpers." "Non-lumpers" have their voice deepened when becoming lumpy. Most lumpers live in Lumpy Space. Most of, if not all Lumpy Space folk are constantly irritated and prone to mood swings. Lumpy Space People are made of irradiated stardust. Most of them have 3 stubs on the bottom.


The word "lump" can be considered swearing or cursing in Lumpy Space, as well as "Oh my glob". The residents of Lumpy Space are seen to have a negative view of outsiders, or "non-lumpers", although there are a few "smooth posers" like Lenny, Glasses and Monty who hang out at Makeout Point and enjoy using the antidote to The Lumps to become temporarily smooth.