Machine Mutants
OP Machine Crowd
Diet Metals
Average Height Varies
Ruler Dr. Myuu
Machine Mutants (マシン ミュータント, Mashin Myūtanto) are a type of artificial beings. They appear to be the creations of Dr. Myuu, who is a Machine Mutant himself. Machine Mutants, and Machine Mutant technology in general, are fully mechanical beings with organic properties; they can mold, contort, and reshape like organic lifeforms. Machine Mutants also display the ability to absorb and integrate metallic and mechanical material into their own being, and restructure themselves. They can fly with or without ki. They can also phaze through walls.

Humanoid Machine Mutants are easily identified by their eyes, which feature two lines going across them and converging at the pupil. This gives their eyes a cross-hair-like appearance.

They consume metal for energy, and are one of many races you can choose to be when creating your character.