Wolf D. Marcus
107px-Mark (IoH)

-Holder of the D-
Race Human
Gender Male
Date of birth March 18th
Date of death None Yet
Height 4"8
Weight 65 Lbs
Residence Adventure!
Current Location Goat City
Occupation Adventurer
Allegiance Good
Likes Adventure, Martial Arts
Dislikes Bullies
Family Is an Orphan
Controlled By User:DragonxBall

Marcus is a spunky young human lad who is 11 and is on a quest for adventure. He wishes to be the greatest martial artist in the world.



Marcus at 11.

Marcus wears a brown jacket with a bandana around his neck and blue jean overalls. His boots are a black colored high top type boots. Under his overalls is a white shirt. He wears black and red gloves. He wears a blue hat, but he loves to wear it backwards a lot. His hair is very spikey and is blonde.


His personality is very good..... He is adventurous and loves to eat. His home is adventure meaning he lives on the road in search for the Dragon Balls.


He was abandoned by his mother at the Goat City Orphanage and lived there for 8 years. He finally moved out of the orphanage for adventure and a quest for the DragonBalls so that he may wish to know who his parents are.



Jake Jr


Rex is Marcus' pet magic dog. He was said to have been one of Jake's sons. He is awesome, and tries his hardest to train, and eep up with Marcus.


  • Flight - The result of this technique that the user manipulates their ki energy so that they can levitate or fly.
  • Ki Blast - A simple blast of energy launched at the opponent.
  • Ki Sense - The ability to sense another's Ki.

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