Gender Male
Height 5'8
Weight 160lbs
Current Location Somewhere
Occupation Fighter
Allegiance Good
Family Jeff (uncle)

He is a clone of many Z-fighters put together. He is Goten66's main RP character.


He is part Saiyan, Human, Android and even has a small about of Demon in him. He is named after both the planet and the Roman God. He is just as powerful as Nova despite being made after him. He can learn anymove by just looking at someone use it. He cannot die unles he is killed since he has an amune system that can kill any disease and he stops aging when he becomes full grown. He is also the master of SS .


He has spikey white hair. He wears a black and white cloak while fighting and usually has a sword with him. His normal clothes are a green and white shirt with a white undershirt, a black tie and a black coat.


He loves to make jokes and often offends people accidentally. He can be serious when something is threatening him, his friends, family or The Earth. He will do pretty much anything to protect his friends and family.