I do not care... Stop asking me.

—Megumi getting asked questions repeatedly.

Moe satan

-Ayako Izumi-
Race Ghost (is possessing a human)
Gender Female
Date of birth 12/2
Date of death 6/3 16 years ago
Height 5ft
Weight weighs nothing, is a ghost.
Residence Yagi shrine
Current Location Yagi Shrine
Occupation Shrine Maiden
Allegiance chaotic neutral
Likes Drawing, reading, tea,
Dislikes A lot of people, Coffee, Oranges, ginger
Controlled By Darth Leathertouche

 Megumi is the dead previous shrine maiden of Goat city who lives in the Yagi Shrine, she seems to have secretly possessed the current Shrine Maiden Ayako Izumi.


Megumi has two look, the first one has purple highlighted long hair and she seems to have bright pink-ish eyes. She wears a traditional Shrine Maiden gown, and is around average height. For some odd reason she wears a hidden hairband with goat horns on it.

Her second form has pale skin, some shade of blue. Her hair is in a bob and it is blue , she has shrouded purple eyes. Like her first look she wears a traditional shrine maiden gown but instead it seems to be damaged and have bloodstains.


Megumi seems very quiet, often staying away from everyone. She seems very intellectual and often will say things most people don't understand. She does seem calm all the time, but when angered can be very destructive and will hold a grudge and seek vengeance. Most of the time she seems a bit grumpy or annoyed and will not really care about most things, but she can give good advice. She is very polite.


Megumi was born to the priest of the goat shrine, born as a shrine maiden. She was raised to be intellectual and polite, and didn't really hang around with other children, often being quite lonely. She spent most of her time at the shrine or at her school library, at the shrine she would try mastering ki in her free time. One night walking back from school she ended up being attacked by someone and she tried fighting back and ended up being murdered. 

Unfortunately Megumi didn't accept her death and wanted to seek revenge, hunting for the one who murdered her, she seemed to be more bitter than what she was before, wanting nothing but vengeance. She decided to stay at the shrine still trying to find the one who murdered her but she
Megumi ghost

What Megumi actually looks like

never could until she encountered most likely her niece Ayako Izumi who she possessed to be able to still walk the world the way she used to. She now travels still wanting revenge.


  • Ki-blast
  • Flight
  • Ki-sense
  • Super ghost Kamikaze attack

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