Mizuki is a young human girl, she is the adopted daughter of Tatsumaki.


-Little Girl-
Race Human
Gender Female
Residence Island Turtle
Current Location Island Turtle
Occupation "Sidekick"
Allegiance Tatsumaki
Controlled By User:SupremeLegacy


Growing Up 

Mizkui is a girl who lived in a village that was being troubled by a weak lizard demon. After meeting a young fox Demon and seeing how kind he was, Mizuki felt attracted to him as he was her. She gave him a flower necklace as a gift. However because of five annoying novice fox demons, he was forced to prank her. Upset, she began hating him and ran off. However, when the fox demon tried talking to her, she stuck her tongue out and left, leaving him distraught.


Later, as the weak lizard demon attacked once again, her village was at near death until Tatsumaki came. He was passing through the village when he seen the demon, he then faught the demon off killing it. Mizuki had seen his powers, and abilities and asked him, "Are you a d-demon?". He answer, "Yes..", frightened, Mizuki backed away slowly, but Tatsumaki walked forward saying "It's okay, I meen no harm..". She pulled through, and believed him, later she joined him on his adventures, and became his adoptive daughter.

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