Race Namekian
Gender Male
Residence Has none, loner
Current Location Multi-Wiki Martial Arts Tournament
Allegiance Good, formerly Saika Army
Family Jeff (caretaker and mentor throughout most of his life)
Controlled By Previously User:Richie Cordelia, but after the Saika Arc offcially ended, he became an Un-used character

Mokubah is a young orphaned Namek boy who resembles King Piccolo.


Mokubah is a kind-hearted boy who is naïve to the ways of the world. Mokubah politely refers to Jeff as "nii-sama" (honorable older brother). Mokubah is eternally devoted to his master, Jeff and is constantly by his side. He is more naive and good-natured, and will do whatever his "brother" tells him to. He also has a habit of calling Pangur Ban "Ban no yarō"; (that bastard Ban).

He is very forgiving, especially to his friends.


Some time after birth, this rowdy Namekian boy was abandoned for whatever reason. It was then Jeff found the boy and trained him.

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