Mutatio Training Academy
The outside of the building
Type Training area

Mutaito Training Academy is a martial arts school founded by Master Mutaito.


The main members of the school were Master Roshi and Master Shen. Mutaito taught his students the basis of all ki-based techniques. This knowledge was later used by Roshi to develop the technique would become his and Goku's (and many others) signature ki-based attack, the Kamehameha.


The symbol of Master Mutaito's Training Academy (武) is pronounced in Chinese and means "martial arts" or "martial artist". This symbol is worn by those trained under Master Mutaito. It is also the logo for the World Martial Arts Tournament.

This symbol also decorates the Template:Mutatio Academy Student.

Techniques Learned Here


Evil Containment Wave (Mafūba)

Energy Wave

Sword Blast

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