Naka Shrine
Naka Shrine
Type Shrine to those killed by Saika
Location Goat City, far off into the woods
Notable Inhabitants Jeff

The Naka Shrine (南賀ノ神社, Naka no Jinja; Literally meaning "Shintō Shrine of Southern Joy") is a shrine located in Goat City. In the main hall, beneath the seventh tatami mat from the far right, is a secret meeting place of the Dollars. In there is a tablet containing the gang's secrets, which can only be read by someone who knows the correct magic to do so.


Twenty feet away from the shrine, there is a graveyard where hundreds of people are buried. It is theorized that the people buried there were slain by an ancient demon of legend, and that the Naka Shrine was built to honor the fallen. Black cats tend to roam around the graveyard, giving it an eerie feeling. Jeff the Namekian vampire lives here.