New Namek
New Namek
The planet, seen from orbit
Name New Namek
Type Homeworld
Ruler Moori
Location North Galaxy
Notable Inhabitants Namekian Race


New Namek is the home of the Namekian race. It has a simmilar appearence to Old Namek with a Green Atmosphere, Blue Grass, and oceans. There are seven Namekian villages scattered around the planet, each one with a Dragon Ball. The Namekians will protect these Dragon Balls with their life should someone of less than pure hear try to obtain the,


After Frieza destroyed the old Namek, the Namekians were forced to live in the Capsule Corp for one Earth year. King Kai found a planet that was similar to Namek, and the Namekians have been living there ever since. Years later, it fell under attack under attack fomr Frieza's reconstructed Brother; Cooler. He nearly destroyed The Namekian homeworld again before the Old Z-Fighters stopped him. Seventy years later, it was the site of a battle between The New Z-Fighters and Bear's Younger sister; Aphida. The Z-Fighters won, turned Aphida to their side, and used the Dragon Balls to repair the damage.

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