New Planet Vegeta
New Planet Vegeta
New Planet Vegeta, seen from orbit
Name New Planet Vegeta
Type Homeworld
Ruler Xicor, Xica (Alternate Dimension)
Location West Galaxy
Notable Inhabitants Xicor, Xica (alternate dimension), Brocc, Saiyans (3 billion)


After the original Planet Vegeta was destroyed, then Saiyan race was accidentaly revived by a wish the Z-Fighters made. The newly revived race, let by King Vegeta, found the nearest planet capable of supporting them, and within day destroyed the local race. For sixty years, Vegeta ruled, unopposed, until a child named Xicor challenged him. The Saiyan possesed astounding strength, beating the King with a simple tap to the forehead. Under the new King's rule, Vegeta was given a new title; General. He appointed Saiyans to previously disgraceful positions, Scientists, Archatects, and Doctors, ordered that all tails be cut off at birth, elevated standards of education, and put most of the older Saiyans that remained from the period of Frieza's rule in his personal army. Eventually, the King used the Namekian Dragon Balls to gain a weapon of mass destruction; The Legendary Super Saiyan, and elevate the birthrate of Saiyan, allowing the population to grow. With the growing population, Xicor offered planets the protection of the mighty Saiyan army in exchange for resources; food, metal, and money. The Saiyans all but abandoned their previous savegry under Xicor's rule, and those who didn't became part of his massive, and loyal army.


The planet is largly open grassland with a single, massive sea and many inland lakes. It has arroxamately fiteen times the mass of Earth, allowing the Saiyans to grow even stronger naturally than they did on the original Planet Vegeta. Most of the land that is not developed into the enormous Xicor City is used as farmlad to support the population. The ocean, with a vast ammount of sealife is also a major supply of food. The city is divided into districts, the basic being the housing district, providing homes for the populace, followed by the market district, the medical district, the entertainment district, the military district, the science district, the federal district, and the royal district (home of the palace, royal family, and adivisors)

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