I am the futere Legislacerator!! And maybe a axe-wielding wizard...

—Nocker Banril

Nocker Banril
Nocke Banriar
Race Troll
Gender Male
Date of birth 9/11/1998
Height 5'7
Weight 68 kg
Residence Hunson Complex Nocker's Hive
Current Location Warthog's School  
Occupation wizard in-training, adventurer, student at Warthog's School and Orange Star High School
Allegiance Good
Likes JUstice, Fighting, Magic, Trying to make friends, Scalemates 
Dislikes death, war, injustice, werewolfs
Family Comodragondad (Lusus)
Controlled By Son of Phobos

 Your name is NOCKER BANRIL, and you love JUSTICE, MYSTERY and MAGIC, and are the WEIRDEST of the trolls, but you don't mind! You have a COOL TEMPER and when you actually get ANNOYED you seem to get a bit CRAZY AND SMASHY witch normally causes things to get destroyed, making most trolls not liking to ANNOY CALM yourself by searching for the solution of MYSTERIES AND SUCH You also seem to love SACELMATES they are just so awesome and often bring yours to do stuff with you, you also seen to LOVE making friends although you find it pretty hard to do.Your trolltag is TimellesJuder and you like to T4LK 1N 4 D1FF3R3NT M4NN3R 4ND N0RM4LLY D03S N0T US3 L0TS 0F 3MOT3S


He has a spiky black hair with a cyan colored stripe in the middle of it, he uses a weird type of glass with his symbol on them( people normally think that they mess with his vision, he wears a grey-black jacket over his black T-shirt with his symbol in cyan, he normally wears jeans with a pair of leather boots. He has a pretty good physical appearance, since he is always training with his axe.


RedGem Axe- the axe that he has pretty much since he was a little grub



He always seems to be cool with everything, he loves to making his friends surprises and generally keeping a good mod. He always trys to be chill but ends up getting angry and going after justice( and revenge) for something, he pretty much cant forgive people who betray him and will always try to keep them in his sights after he gets betrayed. He normally goes searching to solve some kind of mystery with his scalemate, Doctor ShadowSpike. he has a trill for adventure and mystery and is most of the times willing to help, some other times he just wants to wacth and try to see the big picture from afar


Ki Blast- fires a reddish green orb of ki from his hand

Ki Sense- uses his ki powers to sense the power of the persons next to him

Obnoxygen.- is a weird gas that trolls produce naturally, it is used as technique by concentrating the gas in one hand and trowing it at someone

Swordsmanship- He knows how to use his axe trough his years of training with it


Nocker doenst really knows how he got to this planet but his lusus( Comodragondad) has teach him everything about his race culture and showed to him all the conquests of his Ancestor The Axecutioner, witch he believes with his heart and soul to be totally real. he has grown up training his fighting skills with the axe and his detective skills, after years upon years of trainnig and learning about his culture with his lusus he has moved to goat city in hopes of becoming famous and power as a Legislacerator-wizard-explorer.

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