Race Human
Gender Male
Date of birth Febuary 18th
Height 5 ft.
Weight 101 lbs.
Residence Nova's House
Current Location Goat City
Occupation Fighter
Allegiance Ta Good Guys
Likes Curry (It's meat with sauce, okay?!)
Dislikes The Time It takes to make curry
Controlled By User:LongHard1337

"Prepare to be Novaed!"
— Nova

Nova (Nuoava) is a resident of Goat City. He currently lives in Nova's House, and has had little interaction with most of the main cast. He has little to no knowledge of his life before Goat City.


Nova is suprisingly easygoing, almost always happy, and has an astonishing amount of confidence in his own strength. He only gets mad when his friends are hurt or he loses a gamble. He is incredibly edicted to gambling, and is decent at it too. He enjoys fighting, and usually eats sushi for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Yes, he loves it that much.


He has almost no recollection, except for the strange burn marks on the side of his face.


  • Kiai
  • Wolf Fang Fist
  • Tri Beam
  • (Unknown Signature Move)


  • Partial Unlock- Abilities and appearence unknown.
  • Half Unlock- Abilities and appearence unknown
  • Full Unlock- Abilities and appearence unknown

Notable Battles

  • Nova vs Joka- Joka
  • Nova vs Karkarov (Upcoming)
  • Nova/Partial Unlock Nova vs Perspire (Upcoming)
  • Partial Unlock Nova vs 5th Immortal (Upcoming)
  • Half Unlock Nova vs 6th Immortal (Upcoming)


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