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Race Saiyan (formerly human)
Gender Male
Date of birth ???
Date of death Not yet dead
Height 5' 11
Weight 97lb
Residence TBD
Current Location TBD
Occupation Fighting
Allegiance Anything that's generally on the side of good
Likes Fighting, training, eating, water
Dislikes Heat, being asked about past
Family Richie (former wife)

Pangur Ban (son)

Kagome (daughter)

Controlled By User:PabloDePablo

PabloDePablo is a fighter living in Goat City, with a past with Richie.


Pablo is a Saiyan, with tall, spiky black hair, wearing an orange-and-black gi most of the time, and with a tail. When he goes Super Saiyan, not much changes except for his hair/eyebrow/tail color and eye color, and Super Saiyan 2 is nearly identical, except for the lightning aura and spikier hair. In Super Saiyan 3, his hair is similar to other Super Saiyan 3s, but with 3 distinctive spikes on his hair line.


PabloDePablo is a cheerful, care-free guy. He goes wherever adventures take him, and is always ready for a fight. He's a bit quick to rush to conclusions, and doesn't want to be held back, though. He is very passionate and prepared to face any challenge presented to him.


Not much is known about Pablo's past as he doesn't like to talk about it, but he was in a relationship with Richie Piccolo Cordella for quite a while, being the father of Pangur Ban and Kagome. Pablo now lives in Goat City, training outside of the city daily and becoming the best fighter he can be. He hasn't been involved in anything yet, but he may come around soon.


  • Flight
  • Ki Blast (in orange)
  • Ki Sense
  • Begone!