Raw Rap Records
Raw Rap Records
Image of RRR
Name Raw Rap Records
Type Building
Ruler Lau the G
Location Goat City
Notable Inhabitants Lau the G, Cuco


Raw Rap Records, commonly abbreviated as "RRR" or "Triple R",  is a record label founded by Lau the G. The best rappers of Goat City are signed here. The building is located in the far regions of Goat City. It is a large building, as it is 50 Stories high. Lau the G was given this building during his success as a rapper. It was a small building, and wasn't very neat. He hired builders to fix it up. It underwent many changes. After a whiile, he helped designed the perfect look. Now the building stands tall and is successful. The blue inside of the "R"s are large windows. Cuco has been hiding in RRR and he has been discovered by the civies. It has been attacked by them. The building is still being rebuilt.


  • Lau the G's Office-It is located in the middle "R". It is the largest room in the building. It contains his desk,
    • The Game Room side of Lau the G's office
    • Lau the G's Office
    • Cuco's Office
    • The studio
    • Record room
    where he works. It also has fun things, like a pool table, air hockey table, a half court basketball court, arcade, and a bar. But this is only for partying and fun. These features are locked behind a large cage during week days. But when there is a party or its a weekend, the cage is opened, for people to enjoy.
  • Studio- The studio is located in the left "R". This is where all of the rappers make music. This studio is very large, and you must be serious when in the studio. Slacking off is a big "No". Since there are many rappers in the building, you must schedule to work on your music.
  • Records- All of the records are in the right "R". This contains all of the rappers' music.
  • Black Squares- They may look like black squares, but they are actually the rappers' offices. When working at RRR, you can design your office in any way you desire.
  • Cuco's Office- Cuco is one the best rapper Lau the G's ever signed. His office is on the top left of the picture.
  • Elevators- This building is HUGE, so of COURSE you'll need elevators!
  • Stairs- A fire can happen, so you'll need these too!

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