The Noble Sparda... Fleet of foot, at least when fleeing, he is of an undeniably charming character.


Black chocobo by kiekiecat-d3ksddl
Race Demon/Black Chocobo
Gender Male
Date of birth May 9
Current Location Wherever his Queen takes him
Occupation Student, Chocobo Knight
Allegiance Good
Family Richie (ally)

Marceline (ally/owner)
Finn (ally)
Jeff (ally)

Controlled By Sparda494 (currently by SpardaTemp until further notice)

Sparda is a demon who commonly stays in the form of a chocobo.


The chocobo has appeared in many different colors; though most chocobos are yellow, there are blue, green, brown, red, black, white, purple, silver, and gold varieties as well. Sparda is black, and wears a red bandanna around his neck, which Richie gave to him. His body is covered in scars, indicating he has been in many fights over the years.


Sparda is curious, creative and open-minded. He's unshakingly calm and logical, but likes to avoid conflict.


He hatched from a waffle. He has a magical stomach (which will be explained later).


  • Flight - The result of this technique that the user manipulates their ki energy so that they can levitate or fly.
  • Ki Blast - A simple blast of energy launched at the opponent.
  • Ki Sense - The ability to sense another's Ki.
  • Evil Impulse - Sparda puts his hand/wing forward at a 90 degree angle and charges a reddish-pink energy sphere. Then, he fires the attack at the opponent, inflicting a great amount of damage.

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