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-Rule 63? Rule 63...-
Race Lich
Gender Whatever body he's possessing at the time (currently male, because Richie))
Height 5'7"
Weight 98lbs
Residence Apartment One-A
Current Location Goat City
Occupation 'Contractor'
Allegiance None currently.
Dislikes When all of his spaghetti falls out his pockets.
Family Gabriela (Daughter)
Controlled By Doom


Stefan inhabits a body made of spearmint gum. He wears a bright pink shirt under a pitch black, tailor-made business suit. He wears blackened leather shoes, crafted by only the finest cordwainers in the Candy Kingdom and is known to wear a tie on every occassion.

He is a man of esteemed class.


Sir Stefan is a Knight of Lord Abadeer. He was at some point a capable wizard and the Court Wizard of the Candy Kingdom. After years of studying, her mind drifted to darker places. He found ancient texts which spoke of untold horrors and legends. Eventually He stumbled upon the fabled 'Candynomicon' written by the mad Turkish Delight, Yumbdul Candazhad. In it, He read of the horrors and power that awaited those willing to search for them. Here He learned of many powerful dark magiks and rituals, one of which happened to grant her entry into the dreaded Nightosphere. After blundering into this hated place, He realized unless He could find and speak to the Lord of Evil He would be trapped here for all eternity. After several months of waiting in queues of untold length, he eventually came upon Lord Abadeer, as everyone in line was turned into beef stews (He knows not why, to this very day) He threw himself up at the Lord of Evil and attempted to slay him/it. Of course, He was no match for the very root of all evil and was thrown aside carelessly. The Lord of Evil threw a green bolt of power down at her which He was quickly able to dispell. This act brought the Lord Abadeer great pleasure, he floated down to the stunned candy person and to her surprise offered her great power beyond anything He had ever seen. In return he only asked for fealty to his name.

Stefan is Gabriela's Father, He had her under unknown circumstances and abandoned her from birth, He originally wanted to wait until she was 16 before taking her back as her daughter. Sadly he has a bad sense of time and didn't realize sixteen years had passed until over a hundred had.


Necromancy (Master)

Pyromancy (Master)

Houdini Technique: Explodes into a billow of smoke

Candy Craft: The ability to create objects out of candy



Deathless: When Stefan is killed, He reforms near his Phylactery, if his Phylactery is destroyed, this ability cannot be used.

Regeneration (Master)

Floating (Novice)


Dread Knight: Must accept any challenge.

Unholy: Is weak to holy objects. (Note: The item has to be holy in the wielders eyes, for example an athiest can't use a cross against Stef'an and a Hindu can't use a bible.)


Ethereal: Stefan may leave his body and take up his full Lich form. When this happens, He is treated as a ghostly entity in every respect.