The Serpent of Uroborous
Race None
Gender Male
Date of birth ???
Date of death N/A
Height 6'5
Weight 120 lb.
Residence None
Current Location Unknown
Occupation None
Allegiance None
Likes Battles to The Death/Heavy Metal/Guitars/Funny Songs
Dislikes Remains Above Such Feelings

"Oh Mighty Seraph, The Serpent Baring The Wings of an Angel. Of Devils and Dragons, a Visible Presence to Enfold Both The Light And The Darkness... Nothingness is Eternal!" -UKT

Tenchi is a humanoid male of an unknown species, and is the one and only, main RP character of UltimateKamiTenchi. He posessess several unnatural powers & abilities unique to only him, remaining unseen in any other human. It is confirmed that he isn't of the human species but just what races blood courses through his veins is a complete and utter mystery. Regardless, Tenchi is a proven warrior, and because of his delicate appearance, he is heavily underestimated by his opponents, usually resulting in them being sent from this world to the afterlife before they even register what has happenned to them. Tenchi is a member of The Four Heavenly Kings where is known as the most distinctively mysterious and beguiling member.

Tenchi's powers are not Natural, Physical, Mental, or Spiritual, they are described as "Conceptual" making them of a transcendant nature beyond the notions of the human world. Tenchi is an extremely prominent figuire, but often goes overlooked due to the popularity of the Other Kings such as Zion, Kuzon, Nova etc. Throughout his history he has played many roles ranging from the neutral, advisor, retiree, strong silent type, and even can be considered an antagonist in the eyes of some. Tenchi is the reincarnation of an immortal God who's great ancenstor created the Choushin, who themselves created the Multiverse. Though he appears as a child in his base form, he never resorts to using his true power due to not fighting an opponent in his entire life that has been stronger than he is. It is impossible to say how strong he is because he always keeps the true extent of his power a complete secret...

During the invasion of the Saiyans Saga he awakened the legendary Spiral Power which propelled him to use Giga Drill Breaker. The power was so great that his base form alone was enough to defeat Beet in his LSSJ10 form and overwhelm his kamehameha attack in an instant. Since then, Tenchi is known as "The Spiral God Tenchi" throughout the universe. He later retires from his position as the Spiral King and goes on to ascend to even greater heights of power.