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The Auditor

-The power consumer-
Race Grey Animated humans.
Gender Male
Date of birth April 3
Date of death Not yet...
Height 5,6. when he grows his height increases.
Weight 105 LBS. When he grows his his weight increases
Current Location Goat City
Occupation To try to get back up and regain his strength
Allegiance On his own
Likes Dead bodies.
Dislikes People who try to face him. and waste his time. People who say his name wrong.

The Auditor is a person who has a goal for massive power and needs more. The Auditor is from the Madness series. He is the character of the User:The Auditor


  • He has a ghastly body and he is a dark shadowy figure and he has red eyes. When he absorbs a dead person he gets more power and grows bigger. His original form he just was the same Figure but with not fire coming out of his body. When a fight started at his building in Somewhere in Neveda from a another character who tried to kill him he absorbed his deceased body guards and became powerful and then got the flames. He has a Red halo on top of his head by killing his enemy who tried to kill him. He is most likely a ball of dark flames.- ABILITIES, corrupted shock, can summon a sword, grows bigger if he absorbs a dead person, his red halo will produce lighting if someone touches it, he can travel through wall cracks like a streamline system for example when he goes through the crack his whole body can go through it like water and or fire, he can dissipate and dodge attacks most of the time like a floating fire ball, Dark fire fists, His dark fire fists is a charging move similar to Kamehameha except he focuses the powers on his fist and then he strikes by punching. Ki Blasts. Teleportation.--- HIS DISAVANTAGES, After a while he might get weakned and lighting will hurt him, when someone grabs his red halo it will hurt the person who touches it but gives them lighting powers.